Lazy Cop Arrests Polo G's Brother



On June 12, 2021, officers with the Miami Police Department conducted a traffic stop on a black Cadillac after the vehicle cut off a police car. The driver of the vehicle refused to roll down the vehicle's windows, and the occupants of the vehicle subsequently refused orders by the police to exit the vehicle.
One of those occupants, the rapper Polo G, was arrested. As were his brother, sister, driver, security guard, and various members of his entourage.
Polo G's brother is Taurean Bartlett, better known as the rapper "Trench Baby" (mistakenly referred to in this video by a correctional officer as "Trans Baby"). In this somewhat comical video, watch as Trench Baby gets arrested by Miami's self-described "lazy cop," as officers discuss sneaker culture, whether Yeezys look good, Trench Baby's Rolex... and how to get out of window tint tickets by presenting false evidence to the court.