Michigan school shooter’s parents aren’t showing ‘any remorse’ & jail, sheriff says



The parents of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley have shown “no remorse” since being charged in connection with their teen’s slaughter of four students at school last week, a law-enforcement official says.
James and Jennifer Crumbley have appeared “sullen” in their separated sections of the Oakland County jail, Sheriff Michael Bouchard told MSNBC on Saturday.
“They’re not talking much to us,” Bouchard said. “We’ve not seen any remorse.”
The parents were apprehended Saturday hiding out in an art studio in Detroit. They were arrested for allegedly giving their son access to the newly bought 9mm handgun he used in his slay spree while also knowing there were deeply troubling warning signs about his behavior.
The couple is accused of withholding such information from officials when they were summoned to the school on the day of the shooting to discuss disturbing drawings a teacher found on Ethan’s desk.
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