Rum Runners | 2016



Rum Runners (2016): Rum Runners is the epic story of two best friends, Vic Hanson and Don Calyer. They get caught running illegal booze across the Canadian border.
Director: William Nelson
Writer: William Nelson (as Bill Nelson)
Stars: Yves Bright, Brian Stuart Boyd, Crystal Bell
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2016 (USA)
Filming Locations: Valley, Washington, USA
Genres: Drama
This outstanding screenplay is inspired by actual events. This story promises to have you entertained, and the topic of many conversations for years to come. Vic and Don escape through a hail of bullets and car crashes that will leave its viewers breathless. After their heart stopping escape, they resort to flying a biplane over the US/Canadian border full of illegal rum, thus the name "RUM RUNNERS". They anger a local moon shiner named Tiny, who has known ties to Al Capone and the Chicago mob. Tiny proves to be trouble for them. After Vic and Don's plane is shot down by Tiny, Tiny then foils a second attempt that leaves Vic's girlfriend dead, now the hunter becomes the hunted,Vic will stop at nothing to get Tiny and his goons and paid off corrupt Government agents. The stage is set for the climactic ending that will leave our viewers ...
User Reviews (
"Great Film! The costume design was spot on! I Loved the driving and flight scenes, and the scenery was beautiful!! The small prop planes that were used in filming were awesome, especially the old wooden propeller was a classy touch. The story telling was well played, the movie grabbed me right off the bat, jumping right into the action!. Remember, this is an independent film, not a multi-million dollar cgi blockbuster. It is made by real people, actors and actresses, background extras, costume designers, sound, lighting and camera operators, and dedicated individuals who came together to create something special, using real life driving, flying, and dialogue scenes. Kudos to all involved in this wonderful project! I enjoyed it very much!" Written by TheHippyChick
"This movie was put together pretty well for a low budget film. Some of the scenes and the acting wasn't up to par but was good enough for this level of an indie movie.
The writing, editing and directing was far better than one would expect from these little films. I've been to many of the locations in this film and you can see a lot of great shots from the surrounding areas in beautiful Washington State (kudos to the director). If you are a fan of low budget independent films and enjoy supporting them and the talented people who create them for our entertainment, then this one is for you. Overall on a low budget movie rating scale, I give Rum Runners an eight out of ten. Good work to the writer(s), cast, crew and director! I hope your movie and future work go far! Looking forward to the next piece of art from this director." Written by LLOLUX
"Well done period piece with excellent settings and storyline. Low budget indie with high production values. A great script and the acting was just superb. Well worth a look." Written by catch22