White Terror | 2020



White Terror - One late summer night, 21-year-old Bella, witnesses the death of both her parents during a home invasion. To help recover from her trauma and get on with life, Bella and her brother, Mason, move in with their aunt and uncle. Although Bella very much wants to move on, it’s as if life won’t let her. Days leading up to her parents’ death start to repeat themselves. The same conversations, the same people, the same situations. No matter what she does, she cannot keep the past from playing over and over. At the end of every repeated day, Bella finds herself in a white room. On one wall, a large projection screen plays a video of a fan spinning. Occasionally a woman with a mask appears, looking down at her. Large, non-descript black figures follow her around the room, talking, whispering and screaming at her. When Bella finally solves the mystery of the White Room, she is able to put the past behind her, but not in the way she expected.
Stars: Kat Kaevich, Bobby Slaski, Dalit Berkowitz
*Under non-exclusive license from Leomark Studios. All rights reserved*