To Hell and Gone | 2019



Free Western Movie: To Hell and Gone - A crafty drifter crosses paths with a gang of murderous thieves in the middle of nowhere, AZ.
To Hell and Gone (2019)
Director: Kyle Moore
Writers: Kyle Moore, Joel Nott (Story)
Stars: Susan Gayle Watts, Carr Cavender, Drew Connick
Genre: Western
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 13 April 2019 (USA)
Filming Locations: Arizona, USA
A crafty drifter finds himself stranded on a remote ranch in the middle of nowhere, Arizona. He meets Eden, the stoic, hard-working owner of the property, and she agrees to help him. Their plans are cut short when a plane full of murderous thieves lands nearby…
"This was one of those random finds on Prime. The title got my attention and the poster looked cool. Usually these picks go South but not this one. This was a very smart, creative and well executed.
Not only is this my kind of movie (No Country For Old Men, Mojave, anything Sergio Leone) but it was well done. This director got it. Any time I was starting to get sick of an idea or something it was resolved. Most movies that attempt the very basic plot run out of gas half way through. This does not.
I loved that the movie just opened without having a bunch of stuff set up. I was expecting the dreaded "2 hours earlier" and was glad to not see it.
It takes a level of skill and confidence to pull off a movie like this. Minimal dialogue with this type of characterization. It's all in the acting, the look and the little bit of information that you get. For example the leader makes a lot of TV show references. You can assume he's a TV watcher. And then draw your own assumptions from that.
This had my undivided attention and I have my eye on this director. I will be telling all my friends to watch this movie." Written by Med-Jasta on
"With no rating to speak of when I first found this movie (4 out of 10) I would have simply passed it by, but decided to watch it anyway. Despite no major actors, a very low budget, this movie pulls it off. The produced/director has worked very well with a limited budget, editing is great and acting acceptable. Great entertainment, and that's what matters!" Written by larlion-91519 on