Police Chase Motorcyclist who Sues After Being Struck by Officer's SUV | Lake Worth PD Feb 23-2020



LAKE WORTH, Texas --- A Denton County motorcyclist rider Dustin Bates filed a federal lawsuit Monday, Jan. 24 against a former Lake Worth police department officer Jonathan Granado alleging the officer ran him over while the man was running away on Feb. 23 November 2020.
The officer initially reported the motorcycle's license plate was hard to read but managed to run it through dispatch and learned the number on the plate didn't match the bike.
After the light turned green, Lake Worth police department dashcam video shows the officer turning on his lights to try to pull the rider over but instead of stopping the rider accelerated at high speed and cut-through traffic to try to get away.
It turned out the motorcycle was not stolen, but he was in possession of half an ounce of methamphetamine and had a parole warrant out for his arrest.
The chase didn’t last long as the fleeing rider Bates wrecked the motorcycle and ran across a field.
Lake Worth police department Chief Manoushagian said in a press conference (include in the video) addressing the law suit today Tuesday January 25 that Officer Granado left the roadway but applied the brakes on wet grass and slid until he collided with Bates.
Chief Manoushagian said Bates was not run over. He was struck as the officer was traveling around 45 miles per hour.
According to the lawsuit, the collision fractured Bates' spine, three ribs, and his right leg in two places. Bates' attorney said he had to undergo surgery "and has permanent scarring as a result of Officer Granado’s unnecessary use of deadly force." said attorney Scott Parker.
"This is a blatant, flagrant attempt to mow down a person on foot," said attorney Scott Parker.