What It's Like Being A Conservative & Todays College Environment



Ophelie Jacobson, a Campus Reform correspondent who has created several viral “man on the street videos,” sat down to share a behind-the-scenes look at how she approaches journalism as a student.
Jacobson, a junior at the University of Florida, has created viral “man on the street” videos in which she interviews students about their views on current events. Students have told her that they won’t support Team USA in the Olympics and that they think the term “Black Friday” is racist. Some have even said that Panda Express is guilty of cultural appropriation, even though the restaurant chain was started by Chinese immigrants.
She says that the videos on cancel culture have yielded the most surprising answers, but overall, Jacobson says she expects the far-left responses. “I sit next to these students in classrooms every single day, so I kind of anticipate what these students are going to say. And as outrageous as their responses may be, you know, this is the typical mind of a college student that I get to interact with every single day on campus.”
Jacobson has responded to the challenge of campus liberalism by connecting with like-minded peers. She serves as the president of the University of Florida’s Network of Enlightened Women chapter and says she seeks common ground with peers, even when they do not agree on politics. She says, “Being a conservative in college is no easy task and I knew that going in.”