132 MPH Pursuit of 19 Year Old Driving Dodge Charger R/T



From the report of Trooper Brandon Bird, lightly edited for clarity: On Friday, April 9, 2021, at approximately 3:50 pm, as I was traveling southbound on State Highway 7, I observed a white Dodge Charger traveling northbound at a high rate of speed near Tucker Road north of Ola. I checked the speed of the vehicle with my radar and confirmed it to be traveling at 85 miles per hour in a posted 55 mile per hour zone. I turned around to initiate a traffic stop, but the driver of the vehicle increased speed in an attempt to elude.
I initiated lights and siren, and advised dispatch that I was in pursuit of the white Dodge Charger. As we traveled northbound on State Highway 7 at speeds well over 100 miles per hour, I observed the suspect driving recklessly, passing other vehicles on the shoulder and in no-passing zones, and nearly striking other motorists.
At approximately 3:54 pm, I advised dispatch to notify Dardanelle Police Department to see if they could assist in the apprehension of the suspect. At approximately 3:57 pm, as we entered Dardanelle, I was able to relay the vehicle's license plate number to dispatch. At this time I observed the suspect throw a beer can out of the passenger side window.
As we approached the intersection of State Highway 7 and Old Highway 7, Dardanelle Police Department had the intersection shut down for me to safely continue pursuing the suspect. As we continued traveling northbound into Dardanelle, Trooper Steven Payton joined in the pursuit. We continued to pursue north on State Highway 7, passing Highway 27 due to Dardanelle Police Department blocking the intersection.
We then turned right onto Union Street (State Highway 7), and I couldn't see any other traffic control at intersections. At this time, Trooper Payton and I decided to slow down and safely get through traffic. [Trooper Bird apparently forgot to mention that he was ordered to terminate the pursuit.] Once we were on the Arkansas River Bridge, leaving Dardanelle and entering into Pope County, I increased my speeds in an attempt to keep eyes on the suspect.
Immediately after entering into Pope County, I observed the suspect turn right onto State Highway 247 northbound. State Highway 247 is a five-lane highway and typically doesn't have much traffic. Upon turning onto State Highway 247, and after communicating with my supervisor, I made the decision to catch back up to the suspect in an attempt to end the pursuit.
As we were traveling northbound on State Highway 247, the suspect attempted to make a right turn onto West Tucker Road and lost control of his vehicle, overshooting West Tucker Road and striking the ditch. The suspect regained control and made a series of maneuvers to exit the ditch and turn onto West Tucker Road. We traveled a short distance down West Tucker Road before the road came to a T-intersection with Pond View Drive.
The suspect made a right turn onto Pond View Drive and noticed a "Dead End Road" sign, The suspect rounded the corner where two children were playing on scooters on the edge of the roadway. The suspect showed no regard to the children as I blew my horn and motioned frantically for the kids to move away from the roadway. At approximately 4:02pm, once we reached the end of Pond View Drive, the suspect pulled into a driveway on Pond View Drive and exited the vehicle with his hands in the air.
I ordered the suspect to the ground where he was handcuffed and placed into the back seat of my unit. The suspect and sole occupant of the vehicle was identified as Corbin Fischer. Upon searching the vehicle, located an opened box of beer. I gave the suspect a portable breath test (PBT), which registered .02%.
Fischer was transported to the Yell County Detention Center where he refused to provide a urine sample. He was booked into the facility on suspicion of:
Reckless Driving-2nd
Careless/Prohibited Driving
Possession of Alcohol by Minor
Underage DUI-2nd
Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test
Endangering Welfare of Minor
Open Container
Drinking in Public or Drinking on Highway
Driving DWI Suspended License
Fischer was ultimately charged with the following misdemeanors and violations:
Reckless driving-1st
Endangering welfare of a minor
Open container
Driving DWI suspended license
Underage DUI
Refusal to submit to a chemical test
Careless/prohibited driving
Purchase or possession of alcohol by a minor
Public intoxication
Fischer entered a negotiated plea of guilty to underage DUI and misdemeanor fleeing. The other charges were nolle prossed. He was sentenced to three months in county jail for for the DUI and 30 days for fleeing, with both sentences suspended subject to conditions of probation. Fischer's driver's license was suspended for one year, and he had to pay fines and fees totaling ~$1,360 plus $50 month for probation.