The Cookie Carnival

A Dick and Larry Cartoon - Fire! Fire!

Betty Boop - More Pep

Betty Boop - Baby Be Good

Casper - Spooking About Africa

Krazytoon - Happy Hoboes

Popeye - Ancient Fistory

Mr. Piper and the Story of the Magic Horn

Popeye - I Never Changes My Altitude

The Little King by Soglow

Betty Boop - Taking the Blame

Popeye - Gopher Spinach

Warner Bros. - Crowing Pains

Aesop's Fables - Gypped in Egypt

Popeye - Bride and Gloom

Mr. Piper and the Story of Ali Baba

Popeye - Patriotic Popeye

Aesop's Fables - The Animal Fair

Popeye - Nearlyweds

Popeye's 20th Anniversary