Sunday, March 8, 2020

Anti-migrant Protesters Demonstrate

Dozens of far-right protesters gathered in #Thessaloniki on Sunday to demand that #Greece closes the borders and stops letting #migrants and refugees in.

"We want closed borders at Evros Greece-Turkey border line, they are illegal immigrants not refugees," said one resident as dozens marched with Greek flags, chanting anti-immigration slogans and singing the Greek national anthem.

"They come from 72 different countries and we don't want them here in Greece. They ask to be hosted in this country, by throwing rocks and tear gas," she added.

Anti-immigration banners, including one that read, "No to mosques, no to hospitality. Islam and illegal invaders out of Greece. Do not give them apartments to stay," could be seen at the rally that had a heavy riot police presence.
Location: Greece

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