Thursday, April 11, 2019

COPS TV | Corny Fight | Deputy Chad Floyd

Deputy Chad Floyd of the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office is dispatched to a physical disturbance call that involves two female participants, with a can of corn as the alleged weapon. Upon arrival, Deputy Floyd makes contact with the alleged victim, who is bleeding from the head. Deputy Floyd then makes contact with the suspect, and she tells the deputy that she and the other woman initially exchanged some harsh words and hair-pulling, and that "it was on" from there. She is adamant that the fight was in self-defense. A man who lives with the women is named as a witness. Deputy Floyd interviews the man, who is very forthcoming. He informs the deputy that his "old lady" started the physical altercation with the younger woman, who is "like a sister" to him. The "old lady" ended up cracking the younger woman over the head with a can of corn. The can had been tossed in the woods like an unregistered weapon, but it is finally recovered by Deputy Floyd. The "old lady" gets carted off to jail for battery, but it doesn't make anything better for the victim, who realizes that she was the one who had paid for the weaponized can of corn, to begin with.

Cops provides a real-life glimpse into the tireless work of law enforcement in the U.S.

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