Thursday, August 2, 2018

Maharashtrian Thecha | Recipe

Learn how to make Maharashtrian Special Thecha With Chef Varun on Rajshri Food.

Village Diaries With Varun Inamdar is a show on Rajshri Food where the Chef embarks on an adventure to take cooking skills to the next level. Today we are gonna learn how to make Thecha a traditional Maharashtrian recipe.

Thecha or kharda is an authentic Maharashtrian recipe of dry green chilly or red chilly garlic chutney. It is served with jawari (sorghum)or classic bajra bhakri (roti).

Learn the method of making authentic Thecha with minimum resources, celebrating Maharathrian hospitality with Thecha Recipe.

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3 tbsp Oil

250gms spicy green chilies (hirwi mirchi)

3 Garlic Pods



Start with lighting up the chulha, then place the earthenware for making Thecha, first add Oil then add Green Chilli and pan fry up them for a minute, in the meantime throw in some entire Garlic Pods in the Chulha, roast the garlic till it gets brown. Now add Salt, cook for some time and then transfer the chilies in the stone grinder with roasted garlic. Pull out the cloves and let it cool down for a minute, after this start crushing the cloves and Chillies as shown in the video. Crush it till get coarse, now transfer the Thecha into serving bowl and it is ready to be served.

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