Saturday, August 4, 2018

COPS TV | Dinner and a Movie | Senior Officer Tim Nading

Senior Officer Tim Nading - Des Moines Police Department

Senior Officer Tim Nading hears a call of a motorcycle pursuit on the radio. Officers lose the motorcycle but officer Nading has an idea where it was headed due to prior contacts with motorcycle calls in that area. Officer Nading arrives at the suspected house and with the help of neighbors, finds the suspect barricaded in his garage. While waiting for a K9 officer to arrive the suspects mother comes out of the house and tries to talk her son out. When K9 shows up, officers break out panel of garage door and send in the K9. The K9 gets a bite and suspect starts to scream. Suspect is taken into custody and is charged with eluding, driving with barred license, and 2nd degree theft.

Cops provides a real-life glimpse into the tireless work of law enforcement in the U.S.

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