Thursday, June 14, 2018

Snake On Screen | khododev

This app needs permission to access:

Open network sockets

Access information about networks

Product features

Great virtual reality animation with live sound

Schedule for snake on the phone screen to pop up anytime on phone

Turn on / off snake running on screen easily

Snake on screen hissing joke is FREE

Product description

This is a snake on screen funny joke and you're close to have a snake hissing on screen. you'll scream with a 3D snake on screen. what is a lot of fascinating than a snake crawl on screen. The moving snake on screen are the scariest and funny joke in 2017 that you just offer to your friends.

Snake on screen prank - snake in phone funny joke

Here we are going to show you some tricks to prank your buddies by adding live snake walking on screen now:

1. transfer a Free snake on screen 3d.

2. begin and set the looks time of snake on home screen, eg ten seconds

3. offer the phone to a lover. The snake on screen shivery joke is prepared.

4. Wait ten seconds and show snake on screen.


MAIN options of the snake on the screen app:

✔ nice video game animation with live sound

✔ Schedule for snake on the phone screen to pop anytime on phone

✔ activate / off snake running on screen simply

✔ doesn't consume battery power although the snake walks on phone

✔ Snake on screen hissing joke is FREE

A snake moving on screen with a hissing sound would be one thing that you just didn't expect yesterday. there's another sudden factor of snake screen prank app that we tend to offer you. It does not matter what you're doing, if you're browsing the web, enjoying a game or writing associate email, a snake on mobile screen can continually be visible. there's still a snake on phone screen till you click on the icon of snake of screen within the notification bar or disable snake screen game.

Note, it's not a true snake on the screen. there's no snake run on screen. You don’t have live snake on screen acctualy. And it's not huge snake on screen or snake walk on screen for real. we tend to don't seem to be accountable for any damages regarding snake and phone or snake on screen live.

You can create snake on phone screen prank as your living craniate currently by downloading this snake prank app to your phone. started a schedule for the snake on your screen and make merry along with your friends! be part of snake on screen and snake game.

If you've got any questions on the snake on screen joke, please comment below or email the developer. don't forget to rate five * for snake in phone screen!

Technical details

Size: 4.9MB

Version: 1.002

Developed By: khododev

Application Permissions:

Open network sockets

Access information about networks

Open windows using the type TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT, shown on top of all other applications

Minimum Operating System: Android 4.2

Approximate Download Time: Less than 1 minute

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