Friday, April 13, 2018

Chilly Chicken | Recipe

One of the most craved dishes when we speak about Indo-Chinese cuisine is Chilli Chicken. The combination of the crispy veggies and the tender chicken blending with the Chinese flavors makes this dish simply delicious and irresistible. Check out Chef Shantanu's take on this popular Indo-Chinese appetizer.


For Marination:

4-5 chopped garlic

Salt to taste

1 tbsp. cornflour

For Sauce:

2 tbsp. oil

2 green chillises sliced

2 dried red chillies

3 cloves garlic chopped

1/2 yellow bell pepper

1/2 red bell pepper

1/2 tbsp. red chilli sauce


a stem of celery

1 tsp. Dark soy sauce

1 tsp. Smoky barbecue sauce (optional)

salt to taste


1 tbsp. cornflour mixed with 1 cup water

pinch of sugar

1 spring onion


To marinate:

- In a bowl, take some sliced chicken breasts.

- Add the chopped garlic, salt and the cornflour to the chicken and mix them well.

To fry chicken:

- Heat oil in a pan.

- After marination, add the chicken pieces to the hot oil and let them cook until you hear a crackling sound.

- Remove the chicken pieces and place them on an absorbant paper to get rid of the access oil.

To make the sauce/chilli chicken:

- Heat some oil in another pan.

- Once the oil is hot, add chopped garlic, sliced green chillies, dried red chillies and bell peppers and give them a nice toss.

- Add the chicken pieces to the above ingredients and mix them well.

- Add chinese chilli sauce and a sufficient quantity of water to it.

- Add a stem of celery (finely chopped) along with dark soy sauce.

- You may also add smoky barbecue sauce (optional)

- Add salt to taste and the pepper to the above ingredients.

- Add some water to a spoonpul on cornflour and add this mixture to the chilli chicken.

- Add some sugar and chopped spring onion and give it a nice stir.

- Chilli chicken is ready to be served.

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