Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Woman Live Streams Birth | Mrs Meldrum Stars on Facebook Live as She Goes Into Labor

A blogger livestreamed the birth of her third child after going through a complicated pregnancy.

Mom Rebecca Meldrum, 28, posted live video updates to the Channel Mum Facebook page last week.

Rebecca, known as Mrs Meldrum online, became pregnant at the end of last year, a few weeks after returning from a family holiday to Florida.

But when she began having problems, including high blood pressure and extreme morning sickness, Rebecca feared she may have contracted the Zika virus.

Florida is a Zika-infected area, and the virus is linked to major birth defects like the development of smaller heads in babies with possible brain damage. Thankfully though, the Zika fears proved to be a false alarm.

However, doctors remained concerned about the small size and lack of growth of Rebecca's unborn daughter.

So Rebecca was induced at 36 weeks as a medical emergency.

The blogger, who has tens of thousands of followers across her social media accounts, kept fans updated as she underwent a C-section last Saturday, before finally giving birth to a little baby girl.

Rebecca and her husband named their newest addition Poppy Ophelia, and both mom and daughter were said to be doing just fine.
Location: Aberdeen, UK

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