Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Possessed Doll Attacks Couple | Sold on eBay & Strikes Again

A series of eerie events that've been following a seemingly harmless-looking china doll In the U.K. are freaking people out left and right.

Debbie Merrick, 50, purchased the doll back in late June from a second hand store for 5 quid, but she apparently had no idea what she'd bargained for. She and her husband Cameron Merrick, 50, claim the doll attacked him in his sleep, in the form of leaving mysterious scratch marks on the back of his leg. Debbie claims she's found the doll in different spots, and not only does she think it can move, but she's convinced it took its own necklace off in the box. Having had enough, Debbie stuffed the doll in a box, taped it shut, and threw it up for auction on eBay, before throwing it in the shed until shipping it away.

The doll was bought by Lee Steer, 30, a self-proclaimed paranormal investigator who wanted to know whether there was indeed something mystical or demonic about the doll. Shortly after winning the auction bid at £866, Lee's purchase may have proved its worth in terms of authenticity. A mere two days after the doll came into his possession, Lee's father claims he also found scratch marks under his arm, that appear eerily similar to the ones on Debbie Merrick's husband's arms. Lee and his parents claim lights in their home have been flickering, strange noises are becoming more frequent, and things in the house have been turning up cracked, broken, or just moving on their own.

Lee claims his father is a believer, but he remains a skeptic. In an interview with the Rotherham Advertiser, Lee was quoted as saying "I want it in my bedroom so I can get attacked. I really want to be proved wrong....I really want to push it. I am asking to get scratched." His personal beliefs aside, he's still billing it as "the most expensive haunted item ever bought on eBay."
Location: Rotherham, UK

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