Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bouldering Teen Posts Selfie | Falls 100 Feet To His Death

A Teen climbing a steep mountain on his own and without the use of ropes or harnesses fell to his demise last week, seconds after posting a selfie at the top to Instagram.

Carter Christensen, 17, went for a solo climb at the First Flatiron rock in Chautauqua Park. When he reached the top, he took and uploaded a celebratory photo to instagram. What happened immediately afterward is unknown, but somehow Christensen ended up more than 100 feet below the point where the photo was taken, just minutes after it was posted.

No one is believed to have witnessed his last moments, but hikers nearby heard a loud noise of something hitting the ground. When emergency crews finally found his body, he was beyond saving due to "massive traumatic injuries" suffered from the fall.

The First Flatiron rock area is a popular destination for the rock climbing community, and though Christensen was known by his friends and family as an avid climber, his final photo is a reminder that even the most experienced must cede to the mountain.
Location: Boulder, CO, USA

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