Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bear Breaks Into SUV for a Drive | Crashes it Into a Mailbox

A bear in Durango, Colorado reportedly broke into a car and took it for a drive, albeit it was a short one.

According to La Plata County Sheriff's Office, a black bear somehow found its way into an SUV early one morning and released the parking brake. The commotion woke Ron Cornelius and his wife. The couple saw the vehicle rolling backward from a neighbor's home right into their mailbox.

It was too dark for the Cornelius' to see the culprit, but responding officers determined the carjacker was none other than a black bear because the fuzzy beast defaecated in the car, probably because it was nervous from its brief joyride.

Photos of the aftermath show the bear had pulled the steering wheel and radio out of the right out dashboard, a feat Ron says would have taken a person hours to accomplish.

According to local media the Durango Herald, it is unknown what attracted the bear to the vehicle in the first place. Local police are now urging residents in the area to be extra vigilant about keeping their trash secure, as bears in Durango have been particularly naughty this summer going through people's garbage and breaking into their cars.
Location: Durango, CO, USA

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