Sunday, June 25, 2017

Chinese Hakka Noodles | Recipe | Vegetarian

Chinese Hakka Noodles - A Recipe By Ruchi Bharani (Vegetarian)


french beans cut lengthwise
onion cut lengthwise
capsicum cut lengthwise
green chillies finely chopped
shallots cut lengthwise
shredded carrots
boiled noodles
chilli sauce
soya sauce
garlic paste


Heat up some oil. Saute the garlic paste. Throw in all the vegetables. Stir fry them for couple of minutes. Add boiled hakka noodles. Add soya sauce, chilli sauce, vinegar and salt. Mix all the sauces well. Toss the noodles well. Add the shallots just before plating the noodles. Toss them and plate.

NOTE : After you finish boiling your noodles, just apply a little bit of oil and keep them. Otherwise they tend to stick to each other after some time.

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