Friday, March 17, 2017

Woman Jumps Out of Moving Vehicle’s Trunk | Flee Kidnapping

Surveillance camera footage from an Alabama gas station shows the moment a 25-year-old woman leaps from the trunk of a car to escape her kidnapper

The woman was about to enter her Birmingham home on Tuesday night when she was confronted by an armed man demanding cash, reported Alabama news website, citing police.

She had none, so the man took her ATM card and put her in the trunk of her own vehicle. Then he drove the car around the city, withdrawing money from her bank account at several ATM machines.

The kidnapper soon arrived at a gas station where he tried to use the card again, but was unable to.

Frustrated, he began driving away, and that’s when the trunk somehow opened, allowing his victim to make a dive for safety. The woman ran inside the gas station while the kidnapper fled the scene. She reportedly received minor injuries during ordeal.

Police say the kidnapper remains at large.
Location: Birmingham, AL, USA

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