Friday, March 17, 2017

Woman Discovers Fake Facebook Page Using Her Pics to Catfish Men

A woman recently found out she has been a victim of stolen identity on Facebook, but was even more alarmed to learn the fake profile masquerading as her was being used for catfishing men into sending photos of their junk.

On March 11, travel blogger Vanessa was alerted to an account under the name “Ellie Reece” and was shocked to see it dressed with photos of her. Frantically reaching out to users who’d left comments on her photos led her to figure out her imposter was using her pictures to trick men into sending junk pics. The men were fooled into offering up the NSFW photos after receiving nude faceless pics of a woman they thought was Vanessa or “Ellie.”

After Vanessa reported the fraudulent account to Facebook, she was further stunned to find out her account had been deactivated as a result. Three days later, Facebook corrected the flub, and Vanessa’s real profile was restored. The fake account has since been deactivated, but Vanessa believes there may be hundreds of random junk pics floating around the internet now.
Location: Ireland

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