Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wonder Woman Fired From UN Ambassador Role | Too Sexy

NEW YORK — Wonder Woman’s United Nations ambassador gig ended prematurely this week after feminists complained she was just too sexy for the job.

The curvy D.C. Comics superheroine was made the U.N.’s honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls in October.

But Wonder Woman was given the boot on Monday, when the U.N. crumbled under the pressure of an online petition against her appointment, which was signed by almost 45,000 people, Reuters reported.

The authors of the petition admitted that Wonder Woman’s creators may have intended her to be “a strong and independent warrior with a feminist message.”

But they whined that the 75-year-old fictional character was actually the “epitome of a pin-up girl.”

Citing Wonder Woman’s large breasts, curves, white skin, and skimpy clothes, the petitioners argued that the character was an overtly sexual image and wasn’t culturally encompassing or sensitive enough.

Wonder Woman’s appointment was protested by dozens of U.N. staffers back in October. Now it’s been confirmed that the haters have got their wish.

The U.N. refused to elaborate on why the Wonder Woman campaign was ending this week, even though it was scheduled to run well into 2017, according to Reuters.

D.C. Comics said it was proud of the character’s work with the U.N. to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls.

Wonder Woman will be back in June next year, when a feature-length movie starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot as the scantily clad superheroine is scheduled for release.
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