Friday, December 16, 2016

Woman Falls Into Vat of Molten Chocolate & Dies | Trying To Retrieve Her Cellphone

FEDORTSOVO, RUSSIA — A worker at a Russian chocolate factory got a golden ticket to the afterlife when she fell into a vat of the sticky brown stuff and died.

Russian media reports said mom-of-two Svetlana Roslina dropped her cellphone into a vat of molten chocolate at the Sergiev-Posad confectionery factory in Fedortsovo, about 80 miles northeast of Moscow, the Telegraph reported.

The 24-year-old then tried to fish her phone out, but instead fell right into the thick choco gloop. Other reports said the woman was pouring flour into the mix when she fell in.

Regardless of the reason, Roslina wound up inside the container, and that was the end of the poor woman as she was minced alive by the vat’s mixers.

Following the incident, staff at the factory said that only Roslina’s legs remained. Local residents said they later saw a police car and a hearse driving into the factory.

The victim leaves behind a husband, Vladimir, and two young children.

Russian police were investigating, but this looks to us like a clear case of death by chocolate.
Location: Fedortsovo, Moskovskaya oblast', Russia, 141333

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