Friday, December 16, 2016

Old Ladies Take Down Would-be Carjacker

MILWAUKEE — A couple of carjackers thought stealing from two old ladies would be a piece of cake, only to learn the hard way that it’s best not to underestimate the elderly, especially if they’re ex-military.

WISN reports that on Oct. 22, Miriam Ben-Shalom and her partner Karen Weiss pulled up to the valet stand of Hotel Metro in Milwaukee for a night of fine French dining.

But while Ben-Shalom was grabbing Weiss’ walker from the back of the car, a teen, later identified as 17-year-old Junior Moreno, attempted to steal the car. Unfortunately for him, ex-Army drill sergeant Ben-Shalom was not one to be trifled with.

She quickly tackled the carjacker to the ground, then stood up and threatened him with a boot to his privates.

While the teen was pinned down, Weiss pulled his hoodie back with her cane to ID his face. But before the police could arrive, a black Jeep Cherokee carrying the carjacker’s accomplices pulled up.

Jesus Lazaro was in the driver’s seat as 18-year-old Giovanni Zurfluh got out and threatened to shoot the women if they didn’t let their friend go. The hooligans managed to get away, but not before the retirees got hold of their license number.

The three suspects, who turned out to be members of the Cut Throat Mob carjacking ring, were apprehended in December, thanks to key information from the women.

The trio was allegedly involved in more than a dozen other thefts, and together is facing 31 felony charges.
Location: Milwaukee, WI, USA

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