Friday, December 16, 2016

Muslim Teen Arrested | Making Up anti-Muslim Attack

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK — A Muslim woman who claimed she was victim of a hate crime by Trump supporters was arrested after she confessed that she made up the entire incident.

18-year-old Baruch College student Yasmin Seweid told New York police she was harassed by three white men shouting “Donald Trump’’ at the 23rd Street subway station on Dec. 1, New York Daily News reported.

Seweid’s said the men called her a “terrorist” and tried to pull off her hijab, while bystanders just watched. Seweid later posted about the experience on her Facebook account. She also claimed that a Trump America is real since she witnessed it herself.

Only problem was, Seweid made it all up. She had plenty of chances to tell the truth to the police as they devoted precious resources to investigating the incident

Doubts were raised when detectives failed to find witnesses or video of the incident. Suspicions surfaced when Seweid was reported missing last Thursday, then turned up safe at her sister’s place in Fishkill last Friday.

After again being questioned by detectives, Seweid confessed. She said she lied because she has issues with her strict Muslim parents over a Christian man she is seeing and she was out past her curfew drinking with friends.

Seweid’s parents allegedly shaved her hair off when they found out.

She was charged with filing a false report and released after she appeared early Thursday in Manhattan Criminal Court. She faces up to a year in jail

Seweid’s father, Syeed, an Egyptian immigrant, said he didn’t know why his daughter made up the story. He said: “She’s the one that can speak for herself.”
Location: Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

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