Friday, December 16, 2016

JonBenet Ramsey Case | New DNA Testing Planned After Report Reveals Flaws & Previous Interpretation

BOULDER, COLORADO — New DNA testing is planned in the investigation of the unsolved murder of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey, who was found dead in 1996. An exclusive report revealed flaws in the interpretation of previous DNA testing.

According to a joint report by Daily Camera and 9News, the DNA samples from JonBenet’s long johns belong to at least two people, in addition to herself. Also, the DNA profile gathered from JonBenet’s underwear could be a composite and not just from a single individual. The new findings make the link between the DNA found in the underwear and the long johns extremely weak, and could result in the DNA findings being considered evidence.

Mary Lacy, the district attorney at the time, was given this analysis of the DNA. However, she concluded that the DNA found in JonBenet’s underwear and the DNA found in her long johns pointed to an unknown male. This conclusion exonerated the Ramsey family from suspicion in 2008.

Lacy did not respond to requests for comment after the report revealed the DNA findings failed to support her decision to exonerate the Ramsey family.

JonBenet was found murdered in the basement of the family house in Boulder, Colorado. Her mother, Patsy Ramsey said she realized her daughter was missing after finding a ransom letter on the kitchen staircase the morning after Christmas and quickly phoned the police. However, police did not find her body during the initial search of the house. It was her father, John Ramsey, who found JonBenet’s body in the wine cellar room in the basement that afternoon.

JonBenet was duct taped over the month and her wrists were tied. A garrote was found around her neck and her skull was fractured due to a heavy blow.
Location: Boulder, CO, USA

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