Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mom Finds Hatched Maggots Inside Son’s KFC Meal

WEST HELENA, ARKANSAS — A concerned mother posted a video to YouTube that has since gone viral of her son’s KFC fried chicken meal crawling with maggots inside.

The mom claims that on Oct. 2, she took the 5-year-old boy to a KFC in West Helena, Arkansas. Shortly after the meal, the boy began gagging and vomitting, and she rushed him to the hospital for what she thought was a bout of food poisoning.

She must’ve held on to the meal, and for good reason. After inspecting it, she noticed little “fly eggs” inside the meat. By the next day, the eggs had hatched into a full-blown explosion of maggots.

In response to the mother’s claims, KFC released a statement saying it was highly unlikely the contamination happened in their restaurant. The company pointed to the fact a health inspector had come by days earlier and had taken a good look around the location for anything that would be of concern.

KFC also noted that its cooking methods would also make it practically impossible for the eggs to survive the insanely hot temperatures the dead birds are put through.
Location: West Helena, Helena-West Helena, AR, USA

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