Tuesday, October 18, 2016

After Eight Years of Only KFC & Coke | Teen Goes Blind From Lack of Vitamin A

PERTH, AUSTRALIA — A teen in Western Australia nearly lost his ability to see thanks to a nutritionally-horrendous diet consisting of only bread, potatoes, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Coke.

For eight years, 14-year-old Cian Moore supposedly survived on eating potatoes, bread, KFC and Coca-Cola, exclusively. Eventually, he complained to his mother that his eyes had become dry and gritty. He was also having trouble seeing.

His mother took him to see several eye specialists, and eventually they found out Cian’s poor diet had led to a severe Vitamin A deficiency. Without Vitamin A, the cells in the eye fail to mature properly, resulting in keratin build-up that manifests as spots on the surface of the eye.

To save his sight, young Cian had to load up on Vitamin A supplements, and eat his vegetables. Now 16, the vision in his right eye has almost completely recovered, but his left eye remains permanently damaged
Location: Perth WA, Australia

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