Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Risotto | Vegetarian | Recipe

(Serves 4)
Ingredients -
1/2 cups of arborio rice or jeera rice
2 cups fresh mushrooms or vegetables - sliced
1 onion - chopped
5 cloves garlic - chopped
4 tbsp. butter or olive oil
5 vegetable cubes - dissolved in 3 cups of water
1/2 cup white wine - optional
1/2 cup cream.

Seasoning - salt, red chilly flakes, black pepper.
Topping - Parmesan cheese - grated Parsley - chopped Olives - sliced.

Method - Heat butter or oil. Saute onion and garlic. When opaque, add vegetables or mushrooms. Cook till dry. Add rice and wine if using. Once the wine is absorbed, add the vegetable broth gradually till the rice is cooked. Add cream and seasoning. Mix well. Sprinkle toppings. Serve immediately.

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