Friday, November 20, 2015

Oreo Monster Sundae | Dessert Recipe

When our sweet tooth screams for chocolate, nothing but chocolate can satisfy it.
For all you fervent chocoholics, here's the recipe of a crunchy Oreo dunked in creamy chocolaty meltdown mixed with vanilla ice-cream, strawberry crush, chocolate sponge and lots more.
Chef Shantanu is up with delicious, mouth-watering Oreo Dessert recipe which is surely going to make you drool.

Ingredients (As per taste):
Oreo biscuits
Hazel nut chocolates
Kit-Kat chocolate
Munch chocolate bar
Vanilla ice-cream
Sugar dragees
Chocolate sauce
Oreo sticks
Strawberry crush
Chocolate chips

- Add some Oreo cookies and chocolates in a bowl and crush them nicely with your hands.
- Add a generous chunk of vanilla ice-cream to the crushed mixture and blend it.
- Take a sundae glass and apply some chocolate sauce all around the glass.
- Add bits of chocolate sponge into the glass to form a base along with some chocolate sauce drizzled over.
- Put the Oreo and ice-cream mix into the sundae glass.
- Add some crumbled Oreo cookies, some sugar dragees, chocolate sauce, some Oreo sticks (chocolate cigars), strawberry crush and chocolate chips on the top along with an Oreo biscuit.

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