Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Apple Crumble Pie

If a sweet indulgence is all you have been looking for, here is what you need to do, get yourself an apple crumble pie. Its a messy affair, but get ready to go dirty because the end result is worth the mess.

225 gms Maida
110 gms butter
80 gms Sugar
1 Egg

Butter for greasing
Refine Flour
3 Apple
50 gms Butter
40 gms Brown Sugar
6-7 Biscuits
Red wine reduction
Vanilla Ice Cream
Cinnamon powder
Blueberry crush

- Take flour in a bow, add castor sugar, salt, chopped chilled butter and mix with light hand
- Break an egg into it and knead the dough
- Let it rest in freezer for a min of 15 mins
- Meanwhile grease the tarts and sprinkle some flour on it
- Sprinkle some icing sugar on a rolling board and roll the dough
- Cut out the excess dough and place it on the tarts, making sure the edges are pasted properly
- Cut out the excess dough using a rolling pin
- Make holes in the tart using a fork for the air to pass and the tart dose'nt puff up
- Take a parchment paper and put some lentils to add weight into it.
- Blind bake the tarts for about 7 - 8 mins at 170 - 175 c
- Chop apples into dices and heat some butter in a pan
- Add brown sugar to butter and let them amalgamate and caramelize well.
- Pour in the diced apple and toss it well so that the apple coats well.
- Grate some cinnamon and mix well.
- Semi cook the apples
- Crush some digestive biscuits and stir them in
- let the apple mixture cool a bit
- Meanwhile take out the baked tarts and pour the apple mixture in the tarts
- Drizzle some blueberry crush and crush some digestive biscuit as well
- Smear some melted butter on top and bake the whole thing for another 7 - 8 mins at 175 c
- Once baked take the tarts out, put it upside down and tap it slightly and get the tarts out of the molds
- Serve the pie in a dish with a dollop of ice cream, grated cinnamon and drizzle some red wine reduction

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